Our Story


Let’s face it. Being a parent is a lot of work! Between changing diapers, feeding and everything in between we all struggle to find extra hours in the day. That’s exactly where our founder, Melissa Pire, found herself when she began introducing foods to her baby Asher. With every intention of taking the time to make home cooked meals daily for her little one and his big brother Arian, the demands of being a full time parent of two and full time at the office made 24 hours in a day just not enough time for it all.

Turning to the shelf for some help, she was so disappointed with the options. Not only were the foods not truly healthy, they were so full of sugar, Melissa felt this was not the way to introduce healthy eating habits to her little.



So with the strength of her big, Hispanic, family behind her (hey, it really does take a village sometimes!) everyone got cooking and made some pretty yummy and baby friendly Latin fusions! With her sister-in-law & co-founder, Natasha Cabrera, she turned her dream of introducing big flavor for little palates into a reality. We sure love our savories, and we want to introduce this love to littles from the start. It started with Asher, and we want it to continue with your littles, too!

We’re determined to bring a very much needed overhaul to baby food. No more masking veggies with sugar. No more over-processed, heat pasteurized, sugar filled purees. We want to help diversify littles’ palates by introducing bold herbs and spices into every cold-pressured spoonful and unmasking a whole new world of fruits and veggies. 

Our Products

Mamey & Pineapple

Cuban Garbanzos

Calabaza & Carrots

Guava & Mango


Green Peas


Why Latin Baby?


So Fresh

We’re the only baby food brand with a seasonal menu. By only using fruits and veggies when they’re in their prime, we unleash the optimum amount of freshness 


So Balanced

It’s simple, we keep our savories savory, and sweeties sweet. Our savory foods mimic real Latin dishes made safe for baby, so our littles are introduced to foods much like the sorts of things they’ll have for their meals when they’re big kids. 


So Safe

We want only the very best for our littles and to shape healthy habits early on. So we ensure that our sweeties and savories are minimally processed, non-GMO and all natural. 


So Flavorful

Instead of mixing sweet and savory to make those veggie dishes appealing, we've added bold spices & herbs for some latin flair. Not only does this add some extra yumminess to our savories, but it also adds great health benefits for littles development.  


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