Where can I purchase Latin Baby Products?

We're hard at work on getting our product at your nearest market or grocery store. We can use your help - ask your local grocery store for our product!

What does HPP mean?

HPP (high pressure pastuerization) is a form of pasteurization that uses cold water pressure to deactivate bacteria growth with minimal change to color and flavor. This innovative method allows for a fresh, homemade taste, unlike heat pasteurization (shelf stable) that depletes many of the essential vitamins and nutrients resulting in dull looking, bland tasting food.It’s the latest and safest technology for foods out today


Why HPP instead of shelf stable?

If every meal we had came out of a can or jar, we’d be in big trouble with our doctors! So why would this be okay for our littles? Shelf stable foods are pasteurized with heat not just once, but twice. It kills so many vital nutrients all littles end up eating are jars of sugar. At The Latin Baby we love fresh food, and we’re all about shaping all littles to be better eaters when they’re big. So we use the HPP method which preserves many more nutrients, and much more flavor.. due to the nature of this pasteurization method, you can find us in the refrigerated section!

Are you non-GMO?

Absolutely, 100% yes. We don’t have any room for genetically modified anything in our kitchen.

Why is your food not in a pouch? Will it ever be?

We’re all about healthy development for littles, and healthy habits too. We want them to learn how to eat with a spoon and savor the textures just like we do, and we can’t do that from a pouch. There’s been some talk in the doc’s offices too about pouches not being so good for littles. 

Are your containers safe? Can I heat the food up in the container?

We’d never give your little something we don’t want our little to have. So all of our plastics are BPA, phthalate and PVC free and completely recyclable. As for the heating, we would never recommend heating plastic, even if they say it’s "heat safe". It’s not something we do for our littles, and it’s not something we would recommend for yours. Our savories are pretty yummy served at cold, but if you prefer a warm, home-cooked feel like we do, just dump your contents into a heat safe glass or ceramic bowl and heat it up! Always do a taste test first to make sure it’s not too hot!

When can my baby start eating The Latin Baby foods? 

As early as six months! Check out our flavors, we’ll let you know when each one is safe to eat. But always double check with your littles’ doctors, they know best!

When can babies be introduced to herbs and spices?

Littles are already used to tasting the herbs and spices you eat from mom’s breast milk. Many cultures start as early as 6 months old, but as always talk to your pediatrician first.

Why do you add seasonings?

Do you like bland veggies? Us either. There's this misconception that bland is equivalent to healthy. But in fact, there are many awesome health benefits to spices and herbs that are untapped by the other guys. One thing we never, ever add is salt. With flavors these good, it doesn’t even need it!